sports betting line movement

sports betting line movement

Postprzez NicImmeme » 21 sie 2019, o 23:59

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sports betting line movement

Postprzez Emilecig » 18 paź 2019, o 07:28

i tried using the fan duel sports app but it wouldnt work for me, i live in delaware and drove into nj for the day. It told me I had to call them. do i need to get a cc from NJ?
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sports betting line movement

Postprzez MamieErarl » 5 lis 2019, o 16:52

will NEVER EVER happen

the nba, nhl, mlb and nfl are the ones who are against it the most.

these leagues have seen all the dodgy betting that has happened to football, cricket and tennis.

will be challenged and then challenged again.
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